The popularity of the internet has allowed many people today to use online trading for a variety of financial products. Such financial products include foreign exchange, stocks, options, futures and commodities. The many benefits of online trading are an important reason why many people today choose to trade from behind their computer monitors.

Grow your business online with help through the Government’s National Digital Strategy. The expanded Trading Online Voucher Scheme is designed to assist small businesses with up to 10 employees to trade more online, boost sales and reach new markets. Participating in this scheme can make the process of trading online much easier for you.

It offers financial assistance of up to €2,500 with co-funding of 10% from the business* along with training and advice to help your business trade online. Cutting the cost of developing your online trading capacity by up to 90% can make this investment very affordable for many small businesses out there. *

  1. Convenient

The most important advantage of online trading will be the level of convenience that you can enjoy as a trader. Trading Online allows buyers and sellers of financial products from around the world to come together through an advanced telecommunications network.

This means that traders can now participate in the trade of various financial products around the world. To enjoy this privilege, it is a trading online trading account, computer and a reliable internet connection.

Even better, you will be able to keep your day job even if you are able to participate in the business because you have now connected to the world, in different time zones. An example of such a market would be a foreign exchange market that can trade 24 hours a day, five days a week. This type of facility is probably one of the main reasons why people participate in online trading or outsourcing services Ireland these days.

  1. Easy set up

Second, trading online trading accounts can be established relatively easily. It will only take a few “clicks” of the mouse to get started. In most cases, reputable online broker websites can be easily located by performing a search on search engine websites such as Google or Yahoo.

These online brokers only need a few hundred dollars to deposit into a trading account at any one time. This is in contrast to most physical trading accounts, which require their account holders to keep at least a few thousand dollars at any one time.

As such, given such requirements, online trading accounts offer a potential option for individuals who are not willing to invest large sums of money in their investments. But who are not yet willing to participate in financial markets along with outsourcing companies Ireland.

Online Trading Criteria you need to follow

Clearly, the benefits of online trading are significant for the average investor. In any case, such benefits are not limited to those described above. However, despite the many benefits of trading online, it is still necessary to do careful research and practical experience to get the best return on your investment.

The vouchers are targeted at businesses with the following profile:

  • Limited or no e-commerce presence;
  • 10 or less employees;
  • Turnover less than €2m;
  • Applicant business must be trading for at least 6 Months**
  • Business must be located in the area covered by the LEO to whom they make their application i.e. LEOs cannot accept applications from businesses located outside their jurisdiction.
  • Previous voucher recipients may apply for a second voucher

Funding can be used towards adding payment facilities or booking systems to your website or developing new apps for your customers. The voucher can also be used towards subscriptions to low cost online retail platform solutions, to help IT company in Ireland quickly establish a retailing presence online.

Notes: **applicant business must provide clear proof of trading for a minimum of 6 months to their Local Enterprise Office

Note: *For applications received from April 7th 2020 until September 30th 2020. Further eligibility, terms and conditions apply.

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