Please note that the availability and details of grants can change over time, so it’s important to check with relevant government agencies or official sources for the most up-to-date information.

Here are some of the grants that were available to small businesses in Ireland:

  1. Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Grants: Local Enterprise Offices provide a range of grants and supports to assist small businesses. These can include grants for feasibility studies, business expansion, innovation, and more.
  2. Trading Online Voucher Scheme: This scheme helps small businesses develop their online presence by offering grants of up to a certain amount to cover costs related to developing or upgrading an e-commerce website.
  3. Innovation Voucher: Small businesses can apply for an Innovation Voucher to collaborate with registered knowledge providers, such as universities and research organizations, to develop innovative products, services, or processes.
  4. Employment Grants: There may be grants available to help small businesses hire new employees, especially in specific sectors or regions.
  5. Enterprise Ireland Grants: Enterprise Ireland offers various funding programs for Irish companies looking to expand internationally, engage in research and development, or enhance their competitiveness.
  6. Environmental Supports: Certain grants and incentives may be available to encourage businesses to implement environmentally friendly practices or technologies.
  7. COVID-19 Supports: During the pandemic, specific grants and supports were introduced to help businesses cope with the challenges posed by COVID-19. These included the COVID-19 Business Support Grants and the Restart Grant.
  8. Investment and Expansion Grants: Some grants aim to encourage business investment, job creation, and regional development. These may vary depending on the specific region.
  9. Energy Efficiency Grants: Businesses interested in improving energy efficiency and sustainability might be eligible for grants to support energy-saving initiatives.
  10. Research and Development (R&D) Grants: Businesses engaged in research and development activities can explore grants to support innovation and technological advancements.
  11. Tourism and Hospitality Supports: Grants and supports may be available for businesses in the tourism and hospitality sectors to help with development and promotion.
  12. Food and Agriculture Grants: For businesses in the food and agriculture sectors, there may be grants aimed at promoting local produce, sustainability, and quality.

To find out about the latest grants and supports available to small businesses in Ireland, I recommend visiting the official websites of relevant government agencies such as the Local Enterprise Offices, Enterprise Ireland, and the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation. Additionally, you can consult with business advisors or professionals who are knowledgeable about the current funding opportunities for small businesses in Ireland.

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