The IB1 form is an essential document for individuals in Ireland who need to claim Illness Benefit, which is provided by the Department of Social Protection. Navigating through the process of filling out and submitting this form can seem daunting, but with the right guidance, it becomes manageable. In this blog, we will explore the various aspects of the IB1 form, including where to find it, how to fill it out, and its relationship with other forms such as the MED1 form. Additionally, we’ll clarify the differences between Illness Benefit and Injury Benefit, the duration for which Illness Benefit can be claimed, and what the Partial Capacity Benefit entails.

What is the IB1 Form?

The IB1 form is used to apply for Illness Benefit, a social welfare payment made to individuals who are unable to work due to illness. This benefit is aimed at providing financial support during periods of illness when one cannot earn a regular income.

IB1 Form PDF

The IB1 form is available in PDF format, which makes it easy to download, print, and fill out by hand. Having the form in a digital format ensures that it is easily accessible and can be kept for future reference.

IB1 Form Download Online

To download the IB1 form online, visit the official website of the Department of Social Protection. There, you can find the form under the Illness Benefit section. Make sure to download the latest version of the form to ensure all details and requirements are up-to-date.

IB1 and MED1 Form

The IB1 form is often used in conjunction with the MED1 form. While the IB1 form is for the application of Illness Benefit, the MED1 form is a medical certificate that needs to be completed by a doctor. The MED1 form confirms the medical condition that prevents the individual from working and is necessary for the approval of the Illness Benefit claim.

IB1 Form Social Welfare

The IB1 form is a critical part of the social welfare system in Ireland, specifically for those claiming Illness Benefit. It captures necessary personal, medical, and employment details required to process the benefit.

Social Welfare IB1 Form Download

The social welfare IB1 form can be downloaded from the Department of Social Protection’s official website. Ensure you download the correct form and carefully follow the instructions provided to avoid any errors that might delay your claim.

Can I Complete IB1 Form Online?

As of the latest updates, the IB1 form cannot be fully completed and submitted online. However, the form can be downloaded, filled out manually, and submitted either by post or in person at your local social welfare office. It’s always a good idea to check the official website for any updates on the availability of online submission options.

IB1 Form for Illness Benefit

The IB1 form specifically caters to those applying for Illness Benefit. It requires detailed information about the claimant’s health condition, employment status, and personal details. This form, along with the MED1 form, constitutes the complete application for Illness Benefit.

How to Fill Out IB1 Form Online

While you cannot submit the IB1 form entirely online, you can still fill it out digitally using a PDF editor before printing it. This can make the process easier and ensure your information is clearly legible. Steps to Guide You Through the Process:

  1. Download the IB1 form: Visit the Department of Social Protection website and download the IB1 form PDF.
  2. Open the form in a PDF editor: Use software like Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF editor to open the form.
  3. Fill in your details: Enter your personal details, employment information, and other required data in the designated fields.
  4. Save the filled form: Once all the information is entered, save the filled form on your computer.
  5. Print and sign: Print the filled form and ensure you sign it where necessary.
  6. Submit the form: Submit the completed form along with the MED1 form to your local social welfare office.

How to Fill In IB1 Form

Filling in the IB1 form accurately is crucial for the timely processing of your Illness Benefit claim. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Section 1 – Personal Details: Enter your personal information, including your name, address, PPS number, date of birth, and contact details.
  2. Section 2 – Employment Details: Provide your employment information, including your employer’s name, address, and your job title.
  3. Section 3 – Medical Details: This section requires information about your illness. Ensure that the MED1 form is completed by your doctor to support your claim.
  4. Section 4 – Payment Details: Choose how you would like to receive your payments, whether through a bank account or another preferred method.
  5. Section 5 – Declaration and Signature: Read the declaration carefully, sign, and date the form.

What is Difference Between Illness Benefit & Injury Benefit in Ireland?

Illness Benefit and Injury Benefit are both social welfare payments, but they cater to different circumstances:

  • Illness Benefit: This benefit is for individuals who are unable to work due to a general illness that is not related to their job. It requires the IB1 and MED1 forms for application.
  • Injury Benefit: This benefit is specifically for individuals who are unable to work due to an injury sustained at work or an occupational disease. The application process for Injury Benefit is different and may require additional forms and proof of the work-related injury.

How Long Can I Claim Illness Benefit?

The duration for which Illness Benefit can be claimed depends on the individual’s contribution record:

  • Up to 2 years: If you have 260 or more paid PRSI contributions, you can claim Illness Benefit for up to 2 years (624 days).
  • Up to 1 year: If you have fewer than 260 paid PRSI contributions, you can claim Illness Benefit for up to 1 year (312 days).

What is the Partial Capacity Benefit?

Partial Capacity Benefit is a scheme that allows individuals who are already receiving Illness Benefit or Invalidity Pension and have reduced capacity for work to return to employment or self-employment and continue to receive a payment from the Department of Social Protection. The benefit amount depends on the degree of incapacity and aims to support those who can work part-time or on a reduced capacity basis.


Navigating the intricacies of the IB1 form and understanding related social welfare benefits can significantly ease the process of claiming Illness Benefit. By ensuring that you download the correct forms, fill them out accurately, and understand the distinctions between different types of benefits, you can ensure that you receive the financial support you need during periods of illness. Always keep up-to-date with any changes or updates to the application process by regularly visiting the Department of Social Protection’s website.

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