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We enjoy working with a wide variety of service businesses.

Businesses may need a range of different accounting services throughout the year, including tasks like bookkeeping, financial statement preparation and analysis, budgeting and forecasting, Payroll services, accounts payable and receivable, tax compliance, and even audit preparation and compliance. And while there are many helpful online accounting services tools available – Xero, Sort My Books & QuickBooks, for instance – small businesses and start-ups often still need a small business accounting services agency for things like analysis, guidance on complex accounting matters, tax compliance and error spotting that software isn’t designed to handle. Small business accounting and corporate accounting are very different services.

We love working with all size business because we love what businesspeople do. Unless you are a large business, outsourced accounting is one of the best ways to get a professional accounting consultant when you need them. When making business decisions its always best to seek advice on what is the best option for your business regardless of your size. That’s where an outsourced accounting services company like Osservi can add value to your business. A good, outsourced accounting service like Osservi does not cost as much as your think and in the long run will same you money and reduce your business headaches.


Financial statement preparation.

At the end of every financial year every businessperson and business must make their returns to Revenue. This can be a stressful time of the year for busy businesspeople, but it does not need to be. With Osservi’s full accounting services we will have kept your records up to date so there will be no stress.
We believe in keeping business owners up to date all year round. The advantages of having an accounting consultant on your team is you can make decisions based on facts and figures further reducing your risk.

accounting services

You need an accounting consultant on your team that can give you the answers you need quickly and in easy-to-understand reports designed for your small business needs.

We provide expert advice on small business accounting outsourced accounting advice to corporate clients who have grown with a little bit of help from our team of accounting consultants. Many of our clients started using us for payroll or bookkeeping services and have been so happy with the advice and service they get its only natural they would use us for all their accounting services needs. We love watching our clients business grow from strength to strength year on year. You make the sales and we will count the numbers for you.

We bring you the best possible solutions for your company.

Exceptional Accountancy Resources.

Accounting services analyse and interprets the raw data collected by bookkeeping. It also includes the preparation of financial statements, including tax documents and other reporting materials required by law.
Good accounting provides the big picture information you need to make sound business decisions, and it can help monitor everything from cash flows and expenses to losses due to mismanagement or waste. In short, accounting is absolutely essential for your small business.

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Sales & Creditors

Great benefits from osservi.

  • Daily general ledger maintenance, expense classification and categorization
  • Profit and Loss and Balance sheet generation and review

  • Weekly / Monthly reporting and analysis

  • Filing company annual return with CRO

  • Business analysis & cost structuring

  • Annual financial statements preparation

  • Risk mitigation & internal controls

  • Management reporting along with Cash flow budgeting and management

  • Corporation Tax returns

  • VAT returns

  • Form 11 Filing

  • Director’s returns

  • Individual tax returns

  • Taxation advice

  • Financial projections

  • Business plans for bank loans

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